XB-70 – Warbird Wednesday Episode #121

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Random Facts About Palm Springs

Founded in the 1920s as a tennis and swimming destination, Palm Springs was quickly transformed into a hotspot for old Hollywood stars looking for a change of scenery. President Dwight Eisenhower’s visit in 1954 sparked a boom in golf resorts, and the Rat Pack made Palm Springs a popular hangout for movie stars seeking a respite from the stress of the LA lifestyle. These days, Palm Springs is home to Leo DiCaprio and many Hollywood celebrities.

The city’s restaurants are known for their fine dining, and one of the best options for steak lovers is the Porterhouse Steakhouse, located downtown. A patio provides an outdoor dining option, and you can dine at the bar, or at the restaurant itself. The USDA-Prime Porterhouse steak is served with a butter sauce or Bearnaise sauce, and you can also choose from other entrees like chorizo sausages, refried beans, or poupon lobster tail. For drinks, try an ice-cold Corona. Live music in the dining room will keep you entertained.

Another great hiking destination in the area is the Bighorn Sheep Trail, which features stone steps. Be careful of uneven stones, as the terrain is rocky and you may have trouble keeping your balance. The trail winds through a granite canyon and crisscrosses a creek a few times. While you’re hiking, you’ll probably see Bighorn Sheep scampering up the canyon walls. At this point, the experience will be worth the effort, however.

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