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Jake Smith’s appearance May 14 at the Oasis Music Festival marks his first show in the United States after a multi-week European tour.

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Random Facts About Palm Springs

A roadside attraction in Palm Springs is the Cabazon Dinosaurs. These steel and concrete creatures have been the subject of Hollywood movies for years. They are a popular way for visitors to experience the history of this desert town. There are also ice cream trucks that offer dinosaur-themed treats. There is also a museum and gift shop. The Wafflesaurus Truck is another fun stop. You can also purchase a dinosaur-themed tattoo.

In the heart of downtown Palm Springs, you can find the Palms Springs Walk of Stars. Here, you can view a list of the famous people who have called Palm Springs home. This list includes former Presidents of the United States, authors, movie stars, and civic leaders. And if you don’t know anyone who has lived here, you can check out the local museums and galleries. You can also enjoy the beautiful weather by taking a dip in the pool.

Another attraction in Palm Springs is the Volkswagen Spider Sculpture. Lucille Desiree Ball was an award-winning actress, who lived in Palm Springs for several years with Desi Arnaz. The two stars of the famous sitcom “I Love Lucy” were friends in Palm Springs. In addition to her acclaimed career, she was an active member of the LGBTQ community and a part of its culture. She is the only LGBTQ woman to live in a gay-friendly city council, and it is a proud symbol of the community.

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