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“OneFuture Coachella Valley engages the whole community to support our student’s educational aspirations to move out of poverty and into careers that will bring economic vitality to their families and to our community,” says OneFuture’s CEO Sheila Thornton.

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Thanks to the partnership between the OneFuture collaborative and local employers, nearly 2,700 students have received support for their college and career pathway.

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Random Facts About Palm Springs

In the 1930s, Hollywood stars fled to Palm Springs for privacy. As the country became more puritanical and the media became increasingly partisan, celebrities were constantly under surveillance and a single extramarital affair could land them in the rags. During this time, gossip columns had insatiable readerships and immense power. In Palm Springs, these stars found a refuge in the desert.

There is much to see in Palm Springs. For art lovers, the Palm Springs Art Museum offers modern art from the early 20th century. It features sculptures, photography, glass art, and natural science collections. It also has a theater that regularly hosts live performances. For the less artistically inclined, there are a variety of restaurants and boutiques to choose from.

If you’re traveling with children, a day at the Moorten Botanical Garden might be a good idea. It features a variety of plants that grow in the desert, making it a great spot for family outings. Another option for a family outing in Palm Springs is the Palm Springs Air Museum. The museum is filled with artifacts, aircraft that fly, and even a film about World War II.

Palm Springs’ history goes back to the early nineteenth century. Native Cahuilla Indians called it Se-Khi. In 1876, the area was platted out as the Agua Caliente Reservation, with alternating non-reservation sections granted to the Southern Pacific Railroad. The hot springs here were discovered by the first Europeans in the nineteenth century, a California soldier named Jose Maria Estudillo.

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