Reno Air Races from the P-51 Mustang “Man O’ War” Cockpit – Palm Springs Air Museum

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Random Facts About Palm Springs

If you’re into outdoor adventures, Palm Springs is the place for you. The area is home to mountain ranges and canyons where you can go rock climbing or horseback riding through the desert. The city also boasts several golf courses and tennis courts. No matter what you’re looking for, Palm Springs has it.

While you’re in Palm Springs, make sure you visit the Sonny Bono Statue. The statue is a tribute to the famous singer who was married to Cher for many years. Sonny Bono was also a US Congressman from 1995 until his tragic death in 1998. While the statue doesn’t exactly look like Lucy, it’s definitely a beautiful example of desert art.

Another way to honor famous people in Palm Springs is to visit the Walk of Stars. Much like Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame, the Palm Springs Walk of Stars honors famous locals and visitors. The Walk of Stars lists more than 400 notable people, including former presidents, musicians, artists, sports personalities, and civic leaders.

If you’re into art, you should visit the Palm Springs Art Museum. The museum is free to attend. You can also check out local street artists and buskers.

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