Palm Springs Air Museum

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Random Facts About Palm Springs

For those interested in art, Palm Springs has several museums and art galleries. The Palm Springs Art Museum houses an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art in its 150,000-square-foot museum. It also has an outdoor sculpture garden, where visitors can view installations. There’s also a 1968 Chevy Malibu suspended in midair as part of the art installation History of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija.

The city is also famous for its date milkshakes. These delicious concoctions are made with dates, which were originally imported to the Coachella Valley in the 1800s. They were thought to grow here. Date milkshakes are made with chopped dried fruits and have a mild flavor. You can even enjoy a date milkshake at Hadley Fruit Orchards!

You can also visit the “Forever Marilyn” statue, which was designed by J. Seward Johnson, who also designed the famous statue of a kissing Navy sailor and a nurse in San Diego. The statue is located near the Palm Springs Art Museum. It is quite popular and attracts tourists.

While in Palm Springs, make sure to visit the Moorten Botanical Garden. This beautiful, serene spot is a great destination for a family outing. Also, don’t miss the Palm Springs Air Museum, which teaches the role of military aircraft in World War II by displaying artifacts, aircraft, and artwork. It has also been featured in several films about the World War II era.

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