Palm Springs Air Museum

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Random Facts About Palm Springs, California

There is a lot to do in Palm Springs, California. Whether you’re an outdoor person, or you prefer to spend your time indoors, the desert oasis is a fun place to visit. For instance, you can spend the day hiking or mountain biking through the surrounding mountains. You can also play tennis or golf at one of the many local facilities.

The town’s colorful character can be seen in many places, from the iconic Saguaro Hotel to the colorful doors in its residential areas. In addition to its vibrant buildings and neighborhoods, Palm Springs has an extensive mural program, in which different artists have been invited to cover walls with their art. You can find a complete listing of current displays on the Public Arts Commission’s website. You can also read about the history of street art in Palm Springs.

In the early 1930s, Hollywood stars flocked to Palm Springs, where they could escape the spotlight and enjoy the arid climate. The Great Depression had affected America’s society and the Hollywood stars who flocked here had a great need for privacy. The revelation of an extramarital affair or a homosexual relationship could lead to a star’s downfall. Meanwhile, gossip columnists wielded immense power and a huge readership. This was why Palm Springs became a haven for celebrities.

There are several other attractions that visitors can visit in Palm Springs. One of the most popular roadside attractions outside of town is the Cabazon Dinosaurs. These enormous creatures, 150 feet long, are a popular tourist attraction. They were originally placed at a restaurant, but today are the main attractions.

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